There have been many recordings of Hildegard’s works but here Grace Davidson, singing alone, unfolds a tapestry of sounds filled with exceptional purity, mellifluous continuity and a focused sense of form.

Anthony Pryer, BBC Music Magazine ★★★★★

I am very impressed by the way Grace Davidson performs these chants. I find it very courageous of her to perform this music without any assistance of instruments, all on her own. The magic of this music is perfectly communicated … Technically this is also a masterly achievement: these chants are demanding and require a high amount of concentration and perfect breath control.

Johan van Veen,

“A voice so radiantly pure in colour and tone that you might think yourself in heaven.”

Geoff Brown, The Times ★★★★

“The work includes the voice of soprano Grace Davidson, singing wordless notes so high and clear, they are other-worldly, like a transmission from another galaxy.”

Jessica Wall,

“If you enjoy quality singing Grace Davidson will not disappoint.”

Stephen Whitehead, Cross Rhythms

“Davidson’s soaring soprano takes centre stage.”

Morning Star 2022

“Even in this golden age of ‘early music’ sopranos, Grace Davidson is outstanding for her seraphic purity and evenness of tone.”

Richard Wigmore, Gramophone Magazine 2018

“Grace Davidson’s Galatea was marked by purity of voice and superb, faultless sense of pitch, perfectly paired with the woodwind pipings of ‘Hush, ye pretty warbling quire!’. In duet with the oboe, in ‘As when the dove,’ Davidson’s lightness wove magic.”

Colin Clarke, Seen and Heard International

“Grace Davidson has a voice of great beauty and purity, along with an admirable technique which means that I have rarely heard passagework sung with such apparent ease and evenness.”

Robert Hugill

“In my dreams, I hear Davidson’s soprano echoing through the chambers of my mind”

Gabriel Wilder, Sydney Morning Herald

Taking a step somewhat in a different direction, SLEEP also sees Richter bring vocals into his work with mesmerising effect. Starring one of the world’s brightest rising stars in the form of British soprano Grace Davidson, ‘Path 5’ is ethereal in every sense of the word and arguably the best track on the album.

Max Sanderson

“The standout star here though is the magnificent soprano Grace Davidson who sings with gorgeous purity and warmth and hits some extraordinarily ethereal high notes.”

John Suchet’s Album of the Week, Classic FM

“Grace Davidson gave a beguiling account of the famous ‘Pie Jesu’. Her tone was warm and pure and her gently beseeching delivery was just right.”

John Quinn, Seen & Heard International, CBSO Performance

“Grace Davidson’s “Pie Jesu” solo is lovely, with a delicate halo of vibrato surrounding an immaculate, round tone.”

The Star Ledger, New Jersey

“…absolutely gorgeous singing – object lessons in understatement and poise – from both Grace Davidson and William Gaunt. Devastatingly beautiful.”

Marc Rochester, Gramophone

“…Grace Davidson, who made Pie Jesu the simplest and most precious of gifts.”

Geoff Brown, The Times