Max Richter’s Sleep

Grace is delighted to have been involved in this wonderful project since the making of the album in 2015. She has taken part in all of the live overnight performances to date, which have taken her all over the world:

World première live on BBC Radio 3 which won a place in the Guinness book of records.
The Wellcome Centre, London September 2015
Kraftwerk, Berlin March 2016 x 3 performances
Sydney Opera House, Australia June 2016
Billingsgate, London May 2017
Amsterdam Concertgebouw, The Netherlands July 2017
Madrid, Spain July 2017
Zurich, Switzerland August 2017
La Philharmonie Paris November 2017
Austin, Texas March 2018
Auckland, New Zealand March 2018
Spring Studios, New York City May 2018 x 2 performances

Los Angeles Grand Park June 2018

Helsinki July 2018
Antwerp, Belgium September 2018
Tokyo, Japan March 2019

Carlowe Ireland August 2019

The Great Wall Of China October 2020

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Germany October 2022

Hobart, Tasmania Australia June 2023